The Designing Process – Sienna’s Bedroom

As you may have read in my previous posts, Sienna has fully taken over my office now, and the she has been very vocal about her design requests.

After sending me to Homesense one evening with ideas of ice cream, donuts, unicorns, rainbows, and lots of gold, we decided to narrow it down to a more cohesive design. In the end we landed on rainbows & unicorns. We’ve tried to keep the the walls, bedding, and furniture to black and white, with pops of rainbow pastel tones. I figure it will be easier for these items to grow with her when she decides she’s over the unicorn and rainbow phase.

When incorporating trend-following items like unicorns or ice cream themes, I like to do so with more affordable items. In this space we’ll be inserting the pops of pastel with cushions, baskets, and art work. This will save my husband from a panic attack if we redecorate in a few years. I’d hate for it to be a repeat of the upstairs flooring!

The biggest surprise I’ve found in this design is Sienna’s request for a rose gold bed. It’s one thing she is completely set on. And it may sound like no big deal, but there really isn’t a market for rose gold beds. We found one at West Coast Kids, but the price tag was $800, so I’ve opted to try a DIY first. And if that sounds like a piece of cake, it hasn’t been. But I’ll fill you in more when I reveal the bed.

For now, I thought I’d share the idea board we created to get us started with decorating. We’re trying not to rush it, and add pieces we find along the way. We do a lot of shopping at Homesense, so it’s been regular trips there for the last couple of months.


Can’t wait for the room reveal. It’s starting to look so cute!


Bed, West Coast Kids

Sheet Set, The Bay

Unicorn Doll, Target

Stacking Wood Rainbow, Amazon

Artwork, Etsy

Chair, Wazo Furniture

Dresser, IKEA

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