Superhero Birthday Party

If you didn’t see my last post, my baby has turned 3. And with that age came a special request for a big girl birthday party. So I wiped my mama tears away and got to work planning her a very special day.

We have a few birthday traditions, and one of the is that the party¬†theme is completely up to the birthday girl. That means I comply when they ask for an “apple picnic” themed celebration, or want the entire party to be green in color.

This was going to be Sage’s first real party with friends of her choice, and something she could really get involved with planning and hopefully enjoy. So, I was very committed to making this dream of green a reality and started going through google images of everything green to hopefully get inspiration.

I was a few days into the planning and had the beginnings of a Pinterest board when she say a picture of the Green Lantern. I saw the lightbulb go off for her and she screamed out in the most adorable still-two-year-old voice, “SUPER HERO PARTY”. And just like that the flood gates of create possibilities opened. Can I get a heck yeah?!

Sage might be the only 3 year old who insisted on watching the Wonder Woman movie. (Yes, I’m THAT mom that let her child was a violent film) Not to mention that she didn’t move once, and wasn’t scared in the slightest. She just kept saying “super hero…” throughout the show. So naturally that was the color scheme we she decided on.

I’m usually very DIY with the parties but I really skipped out this year and cut as many corners as I could. But hopefully nobody was the wiser.

Keep scrolling for the details and some awesome pics of the birthday girl below.

Superhero Birthday Party 2

Superhero Birthday Party 2-8

Superhero Birthday Party 2-4

The white backdrop is a trifold presentation board that I cover with a plastic tablecloth, and reuse for different parties.

For the action words on the backdrop and in the frames, I scoured the Internet for any free printables I could find and printed them onto white cardstock. Francis was the lucky one who got tasked with cutting them out. Isn’t he the best?

Superhero Birthday Party 2-2

The goody bags I already had from a big pack I bought at IKEA a few years ago.

Superhero Birthday Party 2-3

The cupcakes we picked up from Cakes N Sweets and the gold sparkly wraps are from Michael’s.

Superhero Birthday Party 2-10

We used candy boxes for the popcorn since they were for little hands. Then we used a hot glue gun to attach the cutouts Francis worked so hard on. I thought they were they cutest all lined up and filled with popcorn. And what kid doesn’t love popcorn? They were litterallly all eaten up within the first few minutes of the party.

Superhero Birthday Party 2-6

I originally tried to bake star shaped cookies the before but I couldn’t get the dough cold enough that they wouldn’t expand and flatten. So by the evening I decided to abandon the baking and headed to the store to see what I could find. Luckily, the Christmas cookies were out and these red stars were part of a 3 pack with snowmen and Christmas trees. The guy at the till was even like “Wow, you must really like these cookies!”.

Super Hero Costume-6

For the party favors, I sewed reversible felt masks and wristbands, and purchased reversible capes from Amazon. I wanted to provide some freedom for the kids to choose, so I used a a few different color combinations from red, blue, green, yellow, and pink.

Super Hero Costume-3

I loved how everything turned out. But most importantly, the birthday girl loved it!

Plus, it was awesome watching all the little superheros running around eating popcorn and using their super powers to sneak cookies and twizzlers. Nothing says party-success like a bunch of sugar-high toddlers.

Super Hero Costume-4Super Hero Costume-5Super Hero Costume-7Super Hero Costume-8Super Hero Costume-9Super Hero Costume-10Super Hero Costume-11Super Hero Costume-13

How cute are these two?

Super Hero Costume

Happy Birthday Sagey-Bear.



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