Sage’s Toddler Bedroom Update

My girls have been sharing a bedroom for almost 2 years, and they loved it so much I expected it to stay that way for a while. Which is why I was surprised when Sienna asked to move into my office to have her own bedroom recently. At first I thought it would pass, but the next day she started clearing my stuff out and it became clear this was permanent. While this meant me losing my office, the bonus was that I got to decorate a new bedroom and update the old one to accommodate two growing girls.

Sage was the lucky one to keep the slightly bigger room with the walk-in closet. Since the room was mostly decorated, I just needed to add a few things to the room to bring Sage’s personality in, and to accommodate the extra room with one less occupant.


We bought the bed to use as a bunkbed when they were both sharing. It’s the Kura bed from IKEA, and it worked out great because it can be used as a loft/bunk or a regular bed. This bed was a total score too. We picked it up used from Craigslist for $5o. It has a few scratches on the bottom, but I sanded them out and the remaining scratches aren’t really visible.

I did find the color of the pine to be too yellow, so I did one coat of a white-wash to bring it to a pretty color while keeping the natural wood grain and knots showing. I sanded the wood with a sanding block first to get off any sealant and to open up the grain. Then I mixed a little water with some white paint I already had, and rubbed it on using a rag.


My favourite spot in her room is definitely the closet. Originally there was a bi-fold door and 80’s brown built in shelves on either side. We ripped out the shelves, and found the Brimnes cabinet from IKEA fit perfectly. There’s not even an inch left on either side, almost like it was custom made for the space.

To add some girlyness to the closet I swapped the wooden handles that came with the cabinet, with modern ones I spray painted gold. Then to keep with the gold theme I spray painted a simple light from IKEA, and added gold polka-dot decals to the ceiling. That was not an easy task either. I’m pretty sure my neck and shoulders hurt for a week after.







I love how it turned out, but she loves it too which is more important.

Paint (, Benjamin Moore; Bedframe, Nighstand (painted), Closet, Bookshelves, IKEA; Rug“S” Wall Hanging (spray painted), Homesense; NightlightBanner,

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