My New Office, That Once Was

When I started working from home I was super excited to decorate my own office. I had a tight budget so I knew it would be a work in progress, but I was ok with that. And then my 4-year-old decided to become a teenager overnight, and evict me from the comforts of my own space. In case you missed my reveal of Sage’s toddler bedroom, the girls have now broken off into their own bedroom, which leaves no spare room for my office. So, in memory of the office that once was, I thought I’d share a few pics.

I wanted a Scandinavian vibe with monochromatic colors and texture mixing. I obviously didn’t get to the texture part since the floor was bare and the only other furniture was a day bed. But you get the idea.

Goodbye office! I’ll miss you 🙁


Ps. You see that cute little plant on that shelf? It’s made it to the plant graveyard like those that have entered my home before it.

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