DIY Wedding Bouquet

Our wedding was not unlike many where we had a budget to adhere to. Going into the planning phase I wanted to keep the wedding simple and organic feeling, but there were a few items that were a must; Flowers was definitely one of those items.

I’m usually welcoming of a DIY project, and love to get my hands covered in paint or glue, but flowers is not something I was comfortable with. I had every intention of leaving it to the pro’s and calling it a day. Afterall, the bouquets, small vases of flowers, and flower crowns were the only real decorations throughout the big day.

I wanted it to look like I had wandered into the woods and gathered some wild flowers that morning (without actually wandering and gathering). I did my research and found a florist that I loved, and understood my vision, but we hit a few hiccups and were stuck without a florist with the wedding approaching quickly. So I decided to head out to my local florist and work with her to order the flowers I needed to create my own arrangements. Afterall, nobody understood my vision better than me. Not even Pinterest! Shocking, right?

The one thing I decided to keep contracted out was my flower crown. While I had successfully created a few while practicing my floral skills, I didn’t want to be responsible for my own bridal meltdown if my flower crown looked like it had been crafted with duct tape and Elmers glue. I figured even if the bouquets and centerpieces ended up a flop, the crown was what would be the star of the day. The amazing Celsia Florist created the beautiful crown I wore, and it was so amazing I wish it would’ve lasted forever. I loved it so much.

Now I won’t exaggerate my talent and say that doing my own floral arrangements was a breeze, but I survived without any anxiety attacks. I of course had the help of my amazing maid of honour and bridesmaid, but it still took a little longer than I had expected. But that’s what a good bottle of wine is for.

We had one person hold the bouquet, while I placed the flowers how I wanted them, and the third person was our eyes to tell us if anything look out-of-place or needed adjusting. We then tied them used floral wire to hold everything in place, and wrapped them with simple twine to finish it off. We could have easily used ribbon, but I wanted the rustic look to compliment the forest theme for the ceremony.

For the centerpieces I decided to create them all different, to give that “freshly gathered wildflowers” look. We just laid out all of the vases on a table (already filled a little with water) and started throwing flowers in them randomly. Again, wasn’t as fast as it sounds, but definitely only required basic skill level.

The flower girl baskets were a bit more challenging. We had some trouble attaching the floral foam to the inside of the basket. Hot glueing was a total fail, so we ended up wiring it to the basket. We soaked cut the foam to size and soaked it in buckets of water first. Then once it was attached, it was super easy to arrange the flowers. These were probably the easiest of the flower DIY’s.

We did all of the flowers the evening before, and stored them in my dark and cool garage over night.

So, if you’re wondering if you should DIY your wedding flowers, you definitely can! I would just suggest you prepare plenty of time the day before, with a buffer for if things hit a snag along the way. The afternoon is a good time to start. And don’t obsess too much over perfection. My Cafe au Lait Dahlias started wilting half way through the day, but it’s not noticeable in the photos, nor did anyone notice on the big day. Chances are, nobody’s going to notice that your roses aren’t all symmetrically placed either.

Above all, do your homework. Research the flowers you like, use Pinterest to the max, and check google and YouTube for tips and tricks.

Make sure to also check out the tutorial for the copper dipped vases.

All flowers were ordered through Celsia Florist and Art Knapp.  Floral tools and supplies from Michaels.














Photos by Danaea Li Photography

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