DIY Copper Dipped Vases

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Copper Dipped Wedding Vases

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It feels so good to finally start getting the wedding posts up, and to share all the details with you. I promise to update any of my DIY posts with any pics from the big day as soon as I get them.

For the wedding I wanted a simple decor, but not too rustic. So the centerpieces needed to be simple and clean. I originally planned on using the IKEA Ensidig vases for the centerpieces, just as they were. Clear glass milk bottles, with random bunches of flowers. I wanted it to feel like I had just picked random wildflowers and randomly placed them in jars. But the more I thought about it, the vases seemed to be missing some personality. It seems like everyone is using burlap these days, so I decided to go with a metallic look to keep it clean and minimalist. I loved how these turned out.

The only prep work I did was to use rubbing alcohol to clean the vases. I knew that I wouldn’t be keeping them after, so I didn’t use a glass primer, but it’s something I would strongly recommend. I did use a primer and paint combination spray paint, and it was super easy to use and went on great. The best way that worked for me was to spray do my two coats on the top first, then apply two coats to the bottom.

Once completely dry, I used green painters tape and a plastic Ziploc bag to protect the rest of the bottle. I didn’t bother measuring or even trying to get the line level, since I wanted each bottle to be unique and look as if it was actually dipped in paint.

What do you guys think?

Spray Paint: Krylon
Vases: IKEA

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