Birthday Traditions (Video) – Sage is 3!

Our Sagey-Bear is now 3 years old. That means she resembles a small child rather than a baby, and she’s saying things like “trust me mom”.

Around our house we like to make the entire day about the birthday girl. This means we all take the day off and enjoy a few birthday traditions.

Birthday fairies play a prank on them and fill their room with balloons, streamers, and anything else fun they can think of.

Birthday dinner of their choice. This usually consists of sushi take-out since it’s their absolute favourite.

A day of fun where we go on an adventure or do something special to celebrate all together just the 4 of us. This one is my favourite birthday traditions for the girls because it’s a way to make a special memory together.

We start the day by waking up to whatever pranks the birthday elves got up to in the middle of the night. Followed by a delicious breakfast, usually chocolate chip pancakes. Then we all take the day off and spend it doing something fun. In the past we’ve visited the zoo, rode a giant ferris wheel, and gone apple picking.

This year we wanted to do something outside to celebrate our adventurous outdoorsy girl who was turning 3. Can you believe she’s already 3?! Neither can I. But anyone who’s visited Vancouver in December knows it’s difficult to have fun outside in the pouring rain. So, we went North. And up.

We surprised the girls by taking the gondola up Grouse mountain to Santa’s village, then spent the entire day doing Christmas activities and playing in the snow. And what amazing snow it was. It was those giant snowflakes that you can’t help but stick your tongue out to catch. Guys, it snowed all day long. It was more amazing than I could’ve imagined.

Keep scrolling to see the video and make sure to check out her birthday party details.

Do you have a birthday tradition for yourself or your kids? I’d love to hear it in the comments.

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