Mother's Day Photo Session-29

Oh My Violet is a lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY. It started based on my love to write, and has evolved into a journal of my crafts, design projects, and home renovations.

I am a lover of interior design, fashion, and baking, and my biggest accomplishments are my two beautiful girls, Sage and Sienna. Aside from writing a blog, I fill my time with a full time job in online communications. None of this would be possible without the love and support of my amazing husband, Francis.

Prairie blood runs through my veins, but I’m a West Coast girl in my heart. I was originally born in Saskatchewan, and moved to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta in my early 20’s. I eventually ended up in Montreal, where I lived for 5 years. Montreal was amazing, but I couldn’t shake the feeling of homesick for the West. I finally decided to try Vancouver on for size, and finally felt like I was home after settling in.

After condo life for a few years, we bought our first house in 2014, and have been renovating and making it our home since then. I’ve been trying to document our journey through the renovation, and look forward to sharing every project reveal with you.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy!


Rhonda Violet Lee