5 Minute DIY Leg Warmers

5 Minute DIY Leg Warmers-5

Sienna has dance class at 9am on the weekends. I’m sure that’s not super early for some of you, but for me to get myself and her dressed, fed, some make-up on my face and coffee in my belly, and arrive on time, is a weekly challenge. So I now just throw her in the car with her little ballet outfit, her toast to-go, and a blanket to keep her warm. But I feel bad for her little legs in nothing by dance tights, especially since it’s been so cold here lately.

I’ve had no luck in finding leg warmers for her to wear on our way to dance, Then, the other night I was going through some old clothes to donate, and found a sweater that I used to love because of the detail on the cuffs. I got her to wear the sleeves like pants, and marked how long I wanted them. Using my sewing scissors, I cut a straight line (probably not perfectly straight), and that was it. Voila! Leg warmers. I didn’t bother hemming the tops. The edges look fine raw, but I just rolled them under when I put them on her.

While I made them for my mini-me, this would also work for adult size leg warmers. I suggest leaving them long enough to cover your knees, and scrunch them if possible.

This was a super easy DIY that took less than 5 minutes and was essentially free. Minus whatever I paid for the sweater 4 years ago, but that’s considered money long gone at this point. It’s like when you return something but get store credit, and then don’t have to feel bad shopping with it because you’ve already considered that money spent. Right? Well that’s how I justify it.

5 Minute DIY Leg Warmers

5 Minute DIY Leg Warmers-6

5 Minute DIY Leg Warmers-3

5 Minute DIY Leg Warmers-4


Made any leg warmers from a sweater lately? We’d love to see pics and hear about how it went!

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